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University of Toronto receives $100 million for AI innovation centre (BETAKIT)

University of Toronto president, Meric Gertler, noted this is the largest single investment in the university since a its creation, as well as the largest investment ever in the Canadian innovation sector overall.

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Who attends TechExit.io? (TECHEXIT)

Meet some of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs with a track record of successful exits.

Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio receive Turing Award, ‘the Nobel Prize of computing’ (BETAKIT)

“The growth of and interest in AI is due to the recent advances in deep learning for which Bengio, Hinton, LeCun laid the foundation,” says ACM president, Cherri M. Pancake.

Google appoints an “AI council” to head off controversy, but it proves controversial (TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

A team that includes philosophers, engineers, and policy experts will determine how ethical Google’s AI projects are—but some have already criticized its makeup.

Innerspace closes $3.2 million seed round led by BDC’s Women in Tech Fund (BETAKIT)

“The company is tackling a highly complex technical problem that even companies like Google have yet to solve,” says Michelle McBane, director of MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund.

Sayata Labs raises $6.5 million for AI that assesses cyber risk (VENTUREBEAT)

Sayata Labs, which is developing an AI SaaS solution that empowers insurance brokers to assess businesses’ cyber risk raised the seed funding from Elron.

Deep Science AI joins Defendry to automatically detect crimes on camera (TECHCRUNCH)

“You really need to build the monitoring around the AI technology rather than the other way around.”

US-based Corning opens software innovation centre in Montreal (BETAKIT)

The Corning Technology Center Montreal is looking to connect with the Montreal region’s software-innovation ecosystem through membership in IVADO.

Store Analytics Startup CB4 Raises $16 Million (CTECH)

CB4 uses pre-existing point of sale data to identify demand for specific products in brick and mortar stores.

Seal Software Raises $30M in Growth Capital from Toba Capital (FINSMES)

Seal Software provides contract discovery, data extraction and analytics solutions. With its machine learning and NLP technologies, companies can find contracts of any file type across their networks.

Finaeo raises $5.35 million CAD to help create ‘the Amazon of the insurance industry’ (BETAKIT)

“Think about how Amazon brings together the buying journey for different suppliers and makes it really simple for us to buy things, we’re doing that same thing for insurance,” says Finaeo co-founder and CEO Aly Dhalla.

Four tips to supercharge everyday business with AI (LINKEDIN)

“AI and machine learning can seem like the stuff of science fiction. We can easily fall into the trap of believing these technologies are only for solving complex problems or worrying about the ethical challenges or impact on human jobs. However, AI is changing our relationship with technology and holds many possibilities.”

E is for ethics in AI — and Montreal’s playing a leading role (MONTREALGAZETTE)

Momentum is growing to make Montreal a centre for developing ground rules about artificial intelligence. Here’s a whole new glossary that puts words to those big ideas.



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