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Applications open for LEEFF loan program for large Canadian businesses affected by COVID-19 (BETAKIT)

Applications for the Government of Canada’s Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF) program have opened as of Wednesday.


NBA announces new multiyear partnership with Microsoft to redefine and personalize the fan experience

“We are thrilled to serve as the official AI partner of the NBA,” said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft. “Together, we’ll bring fans closer to the game and players they love with new personalized experiences powered by Microsoft Azure.”

Scale AI releases free lidar data set to power self-driving car development (TECHCRUNCH)

Companies working on autonomous vehicle technology make up a large swath of Scale’s customer base, although its platform is also used by Airbnb, Pinterest and OpenAI, among others.

Airtel makes strategic investment in conversational AI startup Voicezen (LIVEMINT)

Voicezen is the third startup to become a part of the Airtel Startup Accelerator Programme.

CIFAR launches 14 AI research projects to help in fight against COVID-19 (BETAKIT)

CIFAR is launching 14 projects as part of its artificial intelligence (AI) and COVID-19 Catalyst Grants Program.

AI startup transcribes and annotates doctor visits for patients (STAT)

Most attempts to use artificial intelligence to transcribe doctor visits are aimed at limiting documentation burdens for physicians and making it easier to load clinical information into electronic health records.

Microsoft teamed up with OpenAI to build a massive AI supercomputer in Azure (TECHCRUNCH)

Microsoft says that the 285,000-core machine would have ranked in the top five of the TOP500 supercomputer rankings.

Applications for federal emergency rent relief program for small businesses to open May 25 (BETAKIT)

Applications for the federal government’s Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) for small businesses are set to open May 25.

Nvidia’s AI recreates Pac-Man from scratch just by watching it being played (THE VERGE)

For its latest project, Nvidia researchers taught an AI system to recreate the game of Pac-Man simply by watching it being played.

Deep Render raises £1.6M for image compression tech that mimics ‘neural processes of the human eye’ (TECHCRUNCH)

Deep Render wants to help solve the data consumption problem that is seeing internet connections choke, especially during peak periods exacerbated by the current lockdown happening in many countries.

Ziva Dynamics raises $9.8 million CAD for character creation technology (BETAKIT)

Ziva Dynamics, a startup that develops character simulation software for the film and entertainment industry, has raised a $9.8 million CAD seed round.

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