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Element AI creates platform to help researchers identify patterns in COVID-19 research(BETAKIT)

Element AI is offering a free AI-powered platform aimed to help researchers find solutions and patterns in COVID-19 research papers.


Facebook, Microsoft partner with WHO for coronavirus hackathon(CNBC)

Microsoft is excited to support the COVID-19 Global Hackathon, an opportunity for innovators to build solutions that drive social impact, with the aim of tackling some of the challenges related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’re encouraging YOU to #BuildforCOVID19 using technologies of your choice.

Morneau provides more detail on government’s 75 percent wage subsidy for Canadian businesses(BETAKIT)

“This clause might be a killer for the tech ecosystem.”

Niantic squares up against Apple and Facebook with acquisition of AR startup 6D.ai(TECHCRUNCH)

The studio behind Pokémon Go announced that it has acquired 6D.ai, a promising SF-based augmented reality startup focused on building software that allowed smartphone cameras to rapidly detect the 3D layouts of spaces around them.

Federal government’s updated work-sharing program more open to startups amid COVID-19(BETAKIT)

“I believe this is a decent option for companies who don’t meet the 75 percent wage subsidy requirements.”

Seattle machine learning startup OctoML raises $15M from Amplify and Madrona(GEEKWIRE)

OctoML is charging ahead with its machine learning deployment software and on Friday announced a $15 million investment round to help support growth.

Ikea acquires AI firm Geomagical Labs(BLOOMBERG)

Jesper Brodin, Ingka Group CEO, the parent company of Ikea talks with Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Romaine Bostick on the company’s acquisition of Geomagical Labs and the impact of the coronavirus.

Introducing the Black Swan podcast by BetaKit(BETAKIT)

Recorded in quarantine, BetaKit has a new podcast to help Canadian tech make it through COVID-19.

DeepMind’s Agent57 AI agent can best human players across a suite of 57 Atari games(TECHCRUNCH)

In the end, Agent57 is an accomplishment, but the team says it can stand to be improved in a few different ways.

How hospitals are using AI to battle Covid-19(HBR)

The Partners Covid-19 Screener provides a simple, straightforward chat interface, presenting patients with a series of questions based on content from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Partners HealthCare experts.

Apple acquires AI startup to better understand natural language(BLOOMBERG)

Apple Inc. acquired Voysis, an artificial intelligence startup that developed a platform for digital voice assistants to better understand people’s natural language.

Chicago AI startup ModelOp raises $6M(BIZJOURNALS)

A Chicago startup building AI software for enterprises just landed a new round of funding to help more companies with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Phantom AI raises $22 million to develop ADAS products(VENTUREBEAT)

Phantom AI, a startup developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for cars and trucks, has announced that it has raised $22 million.

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