A|I: The AI Times – Quantum leap or quantum flop?

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Despite rapid AI growth, CDL conference emphasizes need to move slow, “not break things”(BETAKIT)

The Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence at the University of Toronto, focused on the socio-economic implications of advances in AI.


Ideas from the heart could help make employment more attainable for people with disabilities(MICROSOFT)

Get to know iMerciv and other new AI for Accessibility grantees that are making the world a more inclusive place with AI technology.

Why per-seat pricing needs to die in the age of AI(TECHCRUNCH)

In the age of AI-enabled software, pricing and product are linked; pricing fundamentally impacts usage, which directly informs product quality.

IBM says Google’s Quantum leap was a quantum flop(WIRED)

A paper from Google leaked last month claimed its researchers had achieved “quantum supremacy.” Now IBM says Google rigged the test.

AI has a bias problem, and only humans can make it a thing of the past(FORTUNE)

Big tech has a far-from-sparkling record when it comes to hiring a diverse workforce—and that’s a problem that could bleed into the future.

Hyundai is launching BotRide, a robotaxi service in California with Pony.ai and Via(TECHCRUNCH)

The robotaxi service called BotRide will operate on public roads in Irvine, California, beginning Nov 4.

Google to continue collaboration with Kitchener-Waterloo’s Quantum Benchmark(BETAKIT)

Google lead on its quantum supremacy project calls Kitchener-Waterloo-based Quantum Benchmark’s model integral to its quantum efforts, as licence renewed.

Unilever saves on recruiters by using AI to assess job interviews(THEGUARDIAN)

System analyses body language and word choice, but polling suggests public are opposed to such use of automation.

Automation, AI are upending jobs at Canada’s big banks(THEGLOBEANDMAIL)

With more rote tasks being taken over by technology, up to a third of jobs in Canadian financial institutions will be significantly affected, experts say.

Alexa, where are the legal limits on what Amazon can do with my health data?(TECHCRUNCH)

The contract reflects that power imbalance; not being a standard NHS content syndication agreement — but rather DHSC tweaking Amazon’s standard terms.

A London bar is using facial recognition; what does that mean for Canada?(CTV)

The Underdog London is using facial recognition to stop patrons from skipping in line while waiting to be served their next pint – apparently, it’s the first bar in the world to install artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on achieving quantum supremacy(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

In an exclusive interview with MIT Technology Review, Pichai explains why quantum computing could be as important for Google as AI.

MindBridge partnering with Bank of Canada to detect payment fraud(BETAKIT)

MindBridge Analytics is partnering with the Bank of Canada in a proof-of-concept project to use AI to track payment transactions.

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