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Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance urges feds to release backlogged SR&ED funding(BETAKIT)

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance submitted a funding proposal to the federal government to preserve tech jobs and companies during COVID-19.


Element AI’s search tool surfaces curated coronavirus studies

Element AI has released a search tool that combs through the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset, a repository of over 44,000 scholarly articles about COVID-19 and related coronaviruses, for papers that researchers might find useful.

Why AI startups’ economics will likely improve over time(TECHCRUNCH)

AI startups might earn long-term lower revenue multiples than SaaS firms, and, if so, they might need to adjust their valuation expectations.

Luminovo raises €2 million to reinvent electronic circuit board creation(EUSTARTUPS)

The AI solution developed by Luminovo revealed the potential to save around 67% of functional tests during chip development and thus millions of hours of simulation time.

Node raises $6 million to help businesses without AI expertise launch projects(VENTUREBEAT)

Node focuses on breaking down data silos between SaaS offerings like Workday and Salesforce, as well as other CRM and marketing automation software.

BDC launches matching investment program for Canadian VC-backed companies affected by COVID-19(BETAKIT)

A letter shared by the CVCA says BDC Capital has launched the Bridge Financing Program meant to support venture-backed companies with matching investments.

DARPA snags Intel to lead its machine learning security tech(TECHCRUNCH)

Chip maker Intel has been chosen to lead a new initiative led by the U.S. military’s research wing, DARPA, aimed at improving cyber-defenses against deception attacks on machine learning models.

Ferrum raises $9 million to prevent medical mistakes with AI(VENTUREBEAT)

It’s estimated that preventable errors harm more than 1 in 10 patients, with at least 12% causing permanent disability or death, according to a report published in the journal BMJ.

Banks open up applications for $40,000 interest-free emergency business loans(BETAKIT)

On Thursday, April 9, banks officially opened up applications for the $40,000 interest-free loan program introduced as a way to support small businesses.

Microsoft’s CTO explains how AI can help health care in the US right now(THEVERGE)

How can machine learning assist with COVID-19 diagnoses?

MyBuddy.ai, a virtual tutor for kids learning English, raises $1M seed round(TECHCRUNCH)

The capital will be used to expand into new markets and develop new features including mini-classes about health.

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