A|I: The AI Times – Intel’s AI investments, Adobe’s broad bet

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LocoNoco raises $500,000 to build robot automation platform for developers (BETAKIT)

“I don’t think that many companies have that opportunity to be a real platform where you’re defining a space.”

Microsoft invests $25 million in AI for accessibility developer program (VENTUREBEAT)

The program will also encourage Microsoft partner businesses to use AI for improved services for people with disabilities.

Adobe CTO leads company’s broad AI bet(TECHCRUNCH)

“We still have a lot of work to do, but we are off in an extremely good architectural direction, and AI will be a crucial part,” said CTO Abhay Parasnis.

Stradigi AI partners with the Vector Institute (BETAKIT)

Stradigi AI said it plans to work with industry and public institutions like the Vector Institute to build and deliver custom AI solutions.

Intel leads $20 million investment in Gamalon to help companies interpret customer messages through natural language processing(VENTUREBEAT)

Gamalon is working on a machine learning system capable of natural language processing to manage billions of inbound messages, providing individual responses and communicating ideas and sentiments back to humans.

AI startup Avaamo raises $14.2 M in Series A round, brings its total fundraise to $23.5 M (YOURSTORY)

Avaamo’s platform enables enterprises to deploy omnichannel intelligent assistants in the areas of supply chain, HR, sales support, claims processing, and insurance advisory.

Intel Capital pumps $72M into AI, IoT, cloud and silicon startups, $115M invested so far in 2018 (TECHCRUNCH)

Intel announced $72 million in funding for the 12 newest startups to enter its portfolio, bringing the total invested so far this year to $115 million.

Xanadu raises $9 million seed round (BETAKIT)

Xanadu, which designs and integrates quantum silicon photonic chips into existing hardware to create full-stack quantum computing, raised the funding from Golden Ventures and Real Ventures.

Tailor Brands raises $15.5M for AI-driven logo creation and more (TECHCRUNCH)

CEO Yali Saar has said the company sits at the intersection of design and machine learning. The idea is to create technology that understands the best practices of logo design, copywriting, and social media strategy.

Facebook is using billions of Instagram images to train artificial intelligence algorithms (THEVERGE)

Your brunch and sunset photos are helping software learn how to see like humans do.

Analytics start-up ThoughtSpot raises $145 million in Series D round (MINT)

ThoughtSpot will use the money to upgrade its analytics platform, expand globally including in EMEA and APAC markets, and improve its research and development activities.

Sportloqiq opens Kitchener-Waterloo office (BETAKIT)

Sportlogiq said opening an office in Kitchener-Waterloo will give the company access to resources at the University of Waterloo and potential talent.

RBC artificial intelligence lab eyes computer vision initiative(VANCOUVERISAWESOME)

Ahead of the lab’s fall opening, Greg Mori’s immediate responsibility is to recruit talent within Vancouver’s tight technology labour market.


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