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Miovision raises $120 million CAD round led by Telus Ventures(BETAKIT)

Miovision, a smart city-focused startup, has raised $120 million CAD in a funding round led by Telus Ventures.


Using AI to advance the health of people and communities around the world

“Today Microsoft announces a new #AI4Good program that will use AI to advance the health of people and communities around the world.”
Adam Nanjee, Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft takes wraps off $40M ‘AI for Health’ initiative(TECHCRUNCH)

When the topics of Microsoft and global health overlap, one tends to think about the Gates Foundation, but the company itself is doing good work along these lines as well.

Google looks ahead to the next decade of AI research(ZDNET)

From audio generation to interactive textiles, Google showcases the research behind its “AI first” approach to business.

Aifred Health sole Canadian team among 10 semi-finalists of global IBM Watson competition(BETAKIT)

Montreal-based Aifred Health has been named one of the top 10 semi-finalists of the global IBM Watson AI XPrize.

AI-powered robot warehouse pickers are now ready to go to work(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

Covariant, a Berkeley-based startup, has come out of stealth and thinks its robots are ready for the big time.

Skymind Global Ventures launches $800M fund and London office to back AI startups(TECHCRUNCH)

It will consequently be opening a London office as an extension to its original Hong Kong base.

Securiti.ai raises $50M in Series B funding(FINSMES)

The company intends to use the funds to continue to expand operations and its business reach.

Pecan.ai emerges from stealth with $11M Series A to automate entire predictive analytics process using machine learning(TECHSTARTUPS)

The round, which was led by Dell Technologies Capital and S Capital brings Pecan’s total funding to date to $15 million.

ServiceNow acquires conversational AI startup Passage AI(TECHCRUNCH)

With Passage AI, ServiceNow gets a bushel of AI talent, which in itself has value, but it also gets AI technology, which should fit in nicely with ServiceNow’s mission.

Why asking an AI to explain itself can make things worse(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

Creating neural networks that are more transparent can lead us to over-trust them. The solution might be to change how they explain themselves.

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