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Techstars AI demo day showcases second cohort of the Montreal accelerator(BETAKIT)

Techstars AI Montreal hosted the demo day for its second cohort, with 10 global startups pitching and presenting their companies.


Observe.AI Raises $26 Million to Digitally Transform the $300 Billion Voice Customer Service Market with Artificial Intelligence(PRNEWSWIRE)

“At Microsoft, we’re thrilled to see one of our Microsoft for Start-Up members excel as one of the fastest-growing startups in the Bay Area. Observe.AI continues to define how AI can transform the customer experience, impacting enterprise support teams to improve quality of service, agent performance, and productivity.”
Shaloo Garg, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups

Chatbots spotlight machine learning’s trillion-dollar potential(TECHCRUNCH)

The global industry potential of artificial intelligence is well-documented, yet the vision of this AI future is uncertain.

CIFAR adds 34 new AI chairs, bringing headcount to 80(BETAKIT)

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research has added 34 new AI chairs, bringing the total number of chairs to 80. Its last announced headcount was 46.

AI has bested chess and Go, but it struggles to find a diamond in Minecraft(THEVERGE)

A new challenge tests AI’s ability to learn by watching.

Report from AI watchdogs rips emotion tech(TECHXPLORE)

Affect recognition is all about emotional AI, and it is about artificial intelligence put to use to analyze expressions with the aim of identifying human emotion.

Google’s AI chief wants to do more with less (data)(WIRED)

Jeff Dean says the company is trying to build systems that have general smarts, rather than highly specialized intelligence.

AI R&D is booming, but general intelligence is still out of reach(THEVERGE)

The 2019 AI Index report gives us a glimpse into AI progress

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