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Element AI opens London office to focus on building ethical AI(BETAKIT)

The company wants to connect AI scientists and engineers in developing nations through fellowships and visiting scholar programs.

RBC Recommends: What we learned from Sidewalk Labs (and what they learned from Jane Jacobs) (RBC)

Fifty years ago this summer, Jane Jacobs moved to Canada, equally driven from New York by the divisive tone of American politics and drawn to Toronto by the inclusive tones of our cities.

Ford files a patent for an autonomous police car (TECHCRUNCH)

Ford said the autonomous police car would be capable of detecting traffic violations such as speeding and then wirelessly communicate with the vehicle and its human driver to verify identity and issue a citation.

PwC MoneyTree report: Canadian tech raised $3.3 billion in 2017 as AI and FinTech stayed hot(BETAKIT)

Canadian companies raised $3.3 billion CAD across 333 deals in 2017.

Google is building an AI research team in France (ENGADGET)

Along with creating a dedicated AI team at Google France, the company is also expanding its workforce by 50 percent and opening four hubs that will provide free digital literacy training to the residents of France.

Artificial intelligence is going to supercharge surveillance (THEVERGE)

What happens when digital eyes get the brains to match?

Ford acquires Autonomic to double down on mobility services (BETAKIT)

Autonomic CEO Sunny Madra will join Ford to run Ford X.

Sotheby’s acquires Thread Genius to build its image recognition and recommendation tech (TECHCRUNCH)

Thread Genius’s co-founders will become part of a new unit that will be building a new AI-based recommendation engine for the company, working in part with IP Sotheby’s owns called the Mei Moses Art Indices, an art database of 50,000 images that it acquired in 2016.

This is the world’s first graphical AI interface (FASTCOMPANY)

Despite a record low unemployment rate in Montreal and high demand for skilled technology workers, international giants that have been attracted to Montreal by the city’s artificial intelligence sector say they’re growing the talent pool, rather than dominating it.

Microsoft hires new director for Montreal AI lab, announces plan to double workforce (BETAKIT)

According to Microsoft, the goal is to double the number of technical experts at the research facility to “as many as” 75 over the course of the next two years.

Artificial intelligence to speed up clean energy (CIFAR)

New methods in AI and robotics could create “self-driving labs” that automate the discovery of new clean energy materials, according to a new report.

Canada.AI hub wants to track the country’s AI ecosystem(BETAKIT)

Canada.ai will focus on Canadian research and up-and-coming startups.


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