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Machine learning could be Canada’s edge in the global quantum computing arms race(BETAKIT)

As AI eats the world, a hidden battle is underway for the future of computing. Canada is on the front lines.


How B2B tech startups limit customer reach opportunities by ignoring multi-cloud

Ruth Yakubu, Sr. Cloud Advocate at Microsoft says a startup should not limit where their sales or customers leads are coming from by choosing just one cloud provider. Learn more in the link above.

Deep North raises $25.7M for AI that uses CCTV to build retail analytics(TECHCRUNCH)

Deep North’s AI currently measures such parameters as daily entries and exits; occupancy; queue times; conversions and heat maps — a list and product roadmap that it’s planning to continue growing with this latest investment.

Cybersecurity pros are using artificial intelligence but still prefer the human touch(TECHREPUBLIC)

More than half of organizations have adopted AI for security efforts, but a majority are more confident in results verified by humans, according to WhiteHat Security.

Vacasa on using AI to put predictability in home sharing(PYMNTS)

Why are VCs still backing a home-sharing concept to the tune of well over $500 million at this point?

Nudge.ai assets acquired less than two months after company shut down(BETAKIT)

Nudge.ai, the Toronto customer relationship management (CRM) startup that shut down in January, has sold a number of its assets to US-based Affinity.

New AI wearable aims to fight coronavirus by preventing face-touching(PYMNTS)

Along with hand-washing, medical professionals are advising the public to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth during the worldwide outbreak.

Unity acquires Dublin-based deep learning startup Artomatix(TECHCRUNCH)

The Dublin startup builds developer tools that allow game studios to more easily create deep learning-enhanced textures that scale more convincingly.

How artificial intelligence is changing the game for banks(SIFTED)

Eigen Technologies, which uses small datasets to train its AI, has bagged deals with ING and Goldman Sachs.

Coronavirus: How artificial intelligence, data science and technology is used to fight the pandemic(FORBES)

Here are 10 ways artificial intelligence, data science, and technology are being used to manage and fight COVID-19.

Google Cloud launches new tools for deploying ML pipelines(TECHCRUNCH)

In addition to the infrastructure services, you also get visual tools for building the pipelines, versioning, artifact tracking and more.

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