A|I: The AI Times – Canada doesn’t recognize Canada’s AI quality

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DarwinAI raises $3.9 million CAD to help devs design neural networks (BETAKIT)

The round was co-led by Obvious Ventures and iNovia Capital.

This cashierless store uses AI and body language to catch shoplifters (THESTAR)

Standard Market is the latest entry in the emerging fray of retail automation, where companies are throwing cameras, sensors and machine learning into grocery stores to replace the checkout line.

Fresh out of Y Combinator, Leena AI scores $2M seed round(TECHCRUNCH)

Leena AI’s bot can be integrated into Slack, Skype, or Workplace by Facebook. It is built and trained using information in policy documents and by pulling data from various back-end systems like Oracle and SAP.

Layer 6’s Jordan Jacobs: Canada needs to promote itself as an AI leader (BETAKIT)

“We need to reorient our education system to focus on creativity, EQ, and understanding what differentiates a person from a machine.”

Medical AI startup secures $1.1 million government grant, to develop Alzheimer’s diagnosis tool with CSIRO (SMARTCOMPANY)

The project combines Maxwell Plus’s AI platform, which collates an overall view of a patient’s health, with brain imaging tools developed by CSIRO to assess image data quickly for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, or to identify patients at high risk.

Base10 Partners launches $137 million early-stage AI startup fund (VENTUREBEAT)

The prime directive of the debut fund will be to back companies in industries like real estate, construction, waste management, and logistics — what managing partner Adeyemi Ajao calls “automation for the real economy” and “solving problems for 99 percent of people.”

Google AI tool identifies a tumor’s mutations from an image (WIRED)

For decades, doctors have relied on the well-trained eyes of human pathologists to give their patients a cancer diagnosis. Now, researchers are teaching machines to do that time-intensive work in as little as a few seconds.

Cluep, a Canadian startup that raised just $500K, acquired for $40M (TECHCRUNCH)

Cluep is a digital advertising platform, which uses artificial intelligence to help brands connect and engage with people based on what they are sharing, how they are feeling and the places they’ve been.

IBM debuts tools to help prevent bias in artificial intelligence (FORTUNE)

IBM wants to help companies mitigate the chances that their artificial intelligence technologies unintentionally discriminate against certain groups like women and minorities.

When this AI firm needed cloud access, the major question was: one or more? (THEGLOBEANDMAIL)

Despite the risk and expense, Rubikloud Technologies signed up for the big three. The flexibility allows it to reach large multinational retail customers who use the platform to automate day-to-day processes.

Ultimate.ai nabs $1.3M for a customer service AI focused on non-English markets (TECHCRUNCH)

The funding was co-led by Holtzbrinck Ventures and Maki.vc.


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