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Element AI launches $57 million AI fund with SK Telecom, Hyundai (BETAKIT)

Element AI is acting as the fund’s advisor.

RBC RECOMMENDS: How boards can change: Use diversity as a catalyst(RBC)

Despite years of advocacy, persuasion and occassional browbeating, Canada’s record on gender diversity and boards remains a slow crawl.

Canada is at risk of being left behind by AI(BETAKIT)

“By failing to adopt artificial intelligence, Canadian corporations are overlooking an important growth engine.”

UK chip startup Graphcore raised $50 million from Sequoia to help it build AI processors(BUSINESSINSIDER)

The investment comes from Atomico, the London-based VC firm set up by Skype cofounder Niklas Zennström; Demis Hassabis, the CEO of Google-owned AI lab DeepMind; Zoubin Ghahramanic, the chief scientist of Uber; and several other investors.

Calgary-based chata.ai raises $2.5 million to debut assistant for accountants (BETAKIT)

Chata.ai allows accountants to use natural “human” language to access, search, and analyze business data.

Volkswagen and Google to bring quantum computing benefits to cars(TECHCRUNCH)

This partnership is just a study for now, but it could become something more later on, especially as automakers focus more on the broader issue of transportation and moving around cities.

This AI learns your fashion sense and invents your next outfit(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

In a paper published on the ArXiv, researchers from the University of California, San Diego, and Adobe have outlined a way for AI to not only learn a person’s style but create computer-generated images of items that match that style.

After $4.5 million seed round, Adeptmind launches to help retailers with accurate online search(BETAKIT)

Adeptmind aims to offer accurate online shopping results and avoid the “no results found” search problem.

Why decentralized artificial intelligence will reinvent the industry as we know it(FORBES)

“Powered by data flowing from thousands of users, and having access to resources and the ability to amass them, decentralized AI can become a source of huge economic value for its owners.”

Algorithmia now helps businesses manage and deploy their machine learning models(TECHCRUNCH)

With the boom in AI/ML, Algorithmia is launching a new service that helps data scientists manage and deploy their machine learning models — and share them with others inside their companies.

Singapore FinTech startup Active.ai raises US$8.25M to help banks adopt AI solutions(E27)

The funding was led by Temasek Holding’s Vertex Ventures, Creditease Holdings, and Dream Incubator.


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