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RBC wants to use AI to give customers financial advice(BETAKIT)

RBC said it wants to use predictive technology to “identify money in a client’s cash flow that can be automatically saved.”

RBC RECOMMENDS: How RBC embraced the hackathon mindset (BETAKIT)

“We are being responsive to the needs of our intrapreneurs, creating a supportive environment in which they can explore new ideas.”

Huawei launches its first AI mobile chip with Apple reportedly set to enter market(CNBC)

The Kirin 970 chip is the size of a thumbnail and will support many of the AI capabilities that devices need today, such as voice interaction and image recognition.

AI startup Appier gets $33M Series C from investors, including SoftBank Group, Line Corp. and Naver(TECHCRUNCH)

Appier’s data intelligence platform that helps companies understand and predict customer behavior.

A startup created by ex-Google engineers is raising $40 million to make drones that fly themselves(BUSINESSINSIDER)

Skydio has yet to publicly debut its drone, but people who have seen prototypes say that it uses an array of cameras and proprietary computer vision technology to recognize and avoid objects in real time.

Creative Destruction Lab partners with Rigetti Computing to support quantum machine learning startups(BETAKIT)

Rigetti Computing will provide quantum machine learning startups with hands-on training about hybrid programming models and algorithm libraries.

Adobe wants to bring its AI smarts to email marketing campaigns(TECHCRUNCH)

Adobe Campaigns already allows its users to use machine intelligence to find the best subject lines for their emails and soon, it’ll also be able to suggest just the right image to show to the right person who opens a marketing email.

Doc.ai launches blockchain-based conversational AI platform for health consumers(ZDNET)

Founded mid-last year by husband and wife team Walter and Sam De Brouwer, Doc.ai’s technology allows healthcare organisations to offer their patients a mobile “robo-doctor” to discuss their health at any time of the day.

IBM is teaching AI to behave more like the human brain(ENGADGET)

Soon machines will be able to pay attention and make memories.

Ideal raises $3 million to invest in virtual assistant for recruiters(BETAKIT)

Ideal’s platform automates repetitive tasks like candidate sourcing, resume screening, shortlisting, and candidate outreach.


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