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Tealbook raises $18.2 million CAD as COVID-19 increases demand for supply chain solutions (BETAKIT)

Toronto-based data startup Tealbook has raised $18.2 million CAD in Series A financing as it looks to capitalize on pandemic-induced supply chain disruption.

New algorithms could reduce racial disparities in health care (WIRED)

Machine learning programs trained with patients’ own reports find problems that doctors miss — especially in Black people.

Artificial intelligence will define Google’s future. For now, it’s a management challenge. (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

Google’s parent, Alphabet, has waded through one controversy after another involving its top researchers and executives in the field.

Why TD let its co-ops lead new product development (BETAKIT)

Chris Halabecki, the Lab Leader at TD Lab, and Charly Bax, summer co-op explain how TD Lab built a new product driven entirely by – and for – students.

Where should vaccines go next? In California, machines could hold the answer. (PROTOCOL)

A firm called Macro-eyes is using machine learning to predict which of California’s community health centers are equipped to handle the vaccine.

An AI saw a cropped photo of AOC. It autocompleted her wearing a bikini. (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

Image-generation algorithms are regurgitating the same sexist, racist ideas that exist on the internet.

China is home to a growing market for dubious “emotion recognition” technology (REST OF WORLD)

A new report says the tools rely on junk science and have the potential to erode human rights around the world.

How SaaS startups move from seed to scale (BETAKIT)

A recent webinar by Sage Intacct explains the key growth metrics SaaS startups need to move from seed stage to growth stage.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association says facial recognition tech in Canada should be suspended (IT WORLD CANADA)

In a Jan. 28 statement, the CCLA said the moratorium should be in place “until Canadians are protected from misuse with strong, effective legislation.”

Market-crushing AI fund goes heavily overweight U.S. tech (BLOOMBERG)

A machine-guided fund which is crushing the performance of the S&P 500 Index this year has shifted heavily into technology stocks and slashed holdings of cyclical industrial names since the U.S. election.

Chinese electric carmaker Xpeng rolls out autonomous highway driving features in challenge to Tesla (CNBC)

Xpeng is trying to highlight its software and autonomous driving capabilities as a way to differentiate from domestic rivals like Nio and Li Auto as well as challenge Tesla.

Police say they can use facial recognition, despite bans (THE MARKUP)

More than a dozen cities have passed facial recognition bans in the past couple of years, but police say there are loopholes.

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