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BMO partners with Finn.AI, Massively to launch chatbots(BETAKIT)

The bank has turned to two startups to develop its chatbot experiences.

AI chip startup SambaNova raises $56M from GV and others (SILICONANGLE)

SambaNova said its compute platform will reimagine the infrastructure used to power AI in the enterprise, and the funding will allow the company to expand its team and develop its product further.

A Hippocratic Oath for artificial intelligence practitioners (TECHCRUNCH)

In the foreword to Microsoft’s recent book, The Future Computed, executives Brad Smith and Harry Shum proposed that AI practitioners highlight their ethical commitments by taking an oath analogous to the Hippocratic Oath sworn by doctors for generations.

AI and drones are being used to control construction projects (TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

Californian company Skycatch is building drones that will use machine learning to map sites, plan work, and even guide autonomous construction vehicles on building sites.

Techstars and Real Ventures launch AI accelerator in Montreal (BETAKIT)

Applications are open until May 13, 2018.

Delphia helps publishers create complex, AI-driven surveys (TECHCRUNCH)

“We want to help people navigate decisions in as many decision spaces as we can get into,” said CEO Clifton van der Linden.

If you want a robot to stop screwing up, hold its hand (WIRED)

At a startup called Kindred in San Francisco, technicians are teaching robots how to precisely manipulate objects like a box of Goldfish crackers. Why? Because somebody’s got one hell of an online shopping habit.

Identify plants with an artificial intelligence app [App of the Week](MOBILESYRUP)

The days of wondering what type of tree you bought from the discount shelf at Walmart are over.

Lyft is building a self-driving platform with auto supplier Magna (TECHCRUNCH)

Magna is also investing $200 million in Lyft in exchange for an equity stake. The goal is to build not only autonomy into production vehicles, but also to put direct access to Lyft’s hailing platform into future autonomous vehicles using the platform.


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