Agility Unveils Shared Module Zones and New Reports in June Release

Agility’s CMS platform has received an update, specifically adding two key reports to the mix. Users can now configure modules on one page, using a specific template, and have the configuration applied to all pages using that template. This new feature makes it easier to manage multiple pages that have the same or similar content.

The Configuration Tracking report can be used to track changes to the Settings within Agility. Users will be able to see who made changes, when they were made, the Field Name and Previous and New Values. The User Activity report lists Users that have logged in to an Agility instance. The report also includes Login Date and Last Activity.

Joel Varty, Director of Research and Development, stated that this update “will really help with shared sections, which we see a lot of on our customer’s sites.” In addition, the company teased its next major update will bring auto-publish to Facebook and Twitter, with more social networks set to be added in the future.


Len Covello

Len Covello is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology. Len launched his first tech company when he was 18-year-old and is currently CTO at Raw Inc. where he is responsible for application development, and directs all research and development initiatives.

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