On March 29, 2021, BetaKit launched a membership channel on Patreon to garner financial support and continue its mission of in-depth reporting on Canadian tech, innovation, and the startup ecosystem.

The Patreon platform allows supporters (called ‘Patrons’) to pledge support on a monthly or annual basis. 100% of the proceeds BetaKit receives through Patreon are committed to improving and expanding our editorial capabilities (read our FAQ here ).

Patreon provides an easy way for individuals and organizations to publicly support BetaKit. Support of our Patreon in no way guarantees coverage in our publication, positive or otherwise.

In the interest of additional transparency, BetaKit will disclose here all innovation organizations that provide support so readers never have to wonder.

BetaKit Patreon Supporting Orgs:

  • Cultivator by Conexus
  • Golden Ventures
  • Highline Beta
  • Inovia Capital
  • Lazaridis Institute
  • MAIN Québec
  • Ontario Center of Innovation (OCI)
  • Platform Calgary
  • Startup Montréal
  • University of Toronto

Last updated: November 26, 2023