22-Year-Old TTC Subway Art Designer Launches New Online Portfolio for Students

A 22-year-old web developer and designer from Toronto who helped design several pop-culture art designs at various TTC subway stations, has launched an online portfolio platform for new graduates and young creators. It’s called eFolio.

The young entrepreneur wants to “bridge the gap between the skills they have and the jobs they want”.

It’s all the work of Trevor Twells, a seriously talented young guy who’s art is still on display at eleven different stations. A couple months ago he was granted permission to create the TTC Pop Culture project, and set to work at designing murals of pop culture characters who’s names resembled the names of the station names.

“The TTC Pop Culture project was an idea of mine that was conceived on a 2hr commute to my previous job. Every day I’d pass by ‘Castle Frank’ station, and realize that it was the popular Marvel character’s ‘Frank Castle’s (The Punisher)’ names in reverse order,” wrote Twells, a graduate of Centennial College’s Software Design degree program. “This got me thinking, what if I could relate other pop-culture icons to each subway. I then started putting my commute time to good use by stopping and taking a pictures of subway stations whenever I got an idea.”

What resulted was various murals, like Street Fighter’s Ken at Kennedy Station, Sienfeld’s George Costanza at St. George Station, Frank Castle (The Punisher) at Castle Frank Station and the words Nothing Was The Same, an ode to Canadian artist Drake, at North York Station.




Now the young entrepreneur is moving on to his next venture: eFolio.Me, a place where people like him can show off their work in one centralized, visually-appealing place. As expected, the sites demo portfolio is, of course, Twell’s TTC Pop-Culture Project.

Each eFolio page is split into projects; these projects can include Pictures, Video, Audio, Documents, or even Code. They are then linked to skills and organized into a beautiful portfolio page that is available on web, tablet and mobile.

In an email Twells wrote that its a “portfolio sharing site made for young graduates that links work that they’ve uploaded from school, freelance work and personal projects to skills that they possess. This makes it easier for employers to search for potential employees and see where they are best fit.”

Personally, I think I must meet Twells, if only just to personally thank him for the Ken mural.

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