Video: Preo’s New App Ensures You’ll Never Have to Wait In Line For a Drink Again

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In the second instalment of our Extreme Startups series, our Joseph Czikk chatted with Preo CEO Richard Liang. The startup’s new app lets patrons at busy bars and restaurants¬†order and pay for their drinks right from their smartphones. “You’ll never have to wait in line again,” assured Liang, who’s two-tap app should solve troublesome wait times.

The pair chatted about how easy it would be for a drunk person to order a drink (really easy, Liang told us: “the application is super simple, especially for a drunk person”) and how convenient the app will be for busy bartenders and servers who rarely have a minute to catch their breath.

The team is ready to build out their first two communities in Toronto and New York and is even eyeing Hong Kong as a new market. Liang told us why they decided to relocate from New York City to Toronto, and what brought them to Extreme Startups.

Check it out here:

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