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FutureMakers Talks: The Reality of Quantum Computing

November 28, 2018 @ 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

futuremakers talks

Quantum computing is a rapidly advancing field that could give us the power to solve problems of classical computers with lightning speed. It has the potential to have a big impact in fields such as pharmaceuticals and cybersecurity and if realized, it could fundamentally reshape our technology landscape.

But where are we on this journey to use quantum computing? Explore quantum computing with others in the Toronto Tech Community who will discuss the implications, the applications, and the reality of quantum computers today.

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The evening will feature talk from Various Toronto Tech experts:

Presentation by Razieh Annabestani
Quantum Application Scientist, Xanadu

Talk: Current Status of Quantum Technology

Abstract: Quantum Computing is a revolutionary technology that will transform our future. Currently, different physical platforms are used in industrial attempts to build quantum computing devices; however, there are engineering and fundamental obstacles that each of these approaches face. Although quantum technology is still in its infancy, there are specific problems that can benefit from hybrid quantum-classical algorithms using noisy quantum devices.

Presentation by Amir Feizpour
Senior Manager, Data Science & Analytics, Royal Bank of Canada

Talk: Quantum 101

Abstract: In this introduction to quantum computing Amir will discuss the evolution of computation over the years and how quantum computing has come as a natural next step. This talk is a great introduction for those who are less familiar with quantum computing and will offer a base knowledge to build from throughout the remaining presentations.

Presentation by Tommy Moffatt
Innovator, The Knowledge Society

Title: Hybrid Algorithms for a Near-Term Quantum Revolution

Abstract: The reality of quantum computers has become undeniable and we are now facing the question of when — not if — we will start seeing practical applications. While large-scale universal quantum computing — the most powerful technique — could be decades away, systems that combine the power of classical and quantum computers could be the key to near-term applications. Algorithms that leverage a hybrid approach are currently some of the most promising ones, already demonstrating an ability to simulate molecules and enable novel machine learning methods. In this talk, Tommy will explore the power of hybrid algorithms and their potential to enable explosive technologies like automated pharmaceutical drug discovery or metamaterials design.

Presentation by Cordell Grant & Jennifer Elliott
CEO and Co-founder at QEYnet Inc & Co-founder at QEYnet Inc

Talk: A Satellite Network for Quantum Key Distribution

Abstract: Massive investments in quantum computing and quantum communications are moving society toward technological upheaval. To the dismay of the cybersecurity industry, the impending Quantum revolution will render conventional Public Key Encryption methods obsolete, possibly within the decade. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), conceived of decades ago and often billed as an answer to the looming quantum threat, has so far been unable to achieve widespread adoption, primarily due to issues associated with scalability. In this talk, Cordell Grant and Jennifer Elliott will describe how satellites could soon overcome the limitations that have long held QKD back.

Tickets are free using the code BetaKit_FM.


November 28, 2018
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


RBC Waterpark Place Auditorium
88 Queen's Quay West
Toronto , Canada
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